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LEWIS COLUMN: Think about your value system

News And Tribune 23 Mar 2023
I’m really into this social media trend of de-influencing. It is probably more along the lines of re-influencing, but I’m hooked nonetheless ... .

Avoid the ‘Dutton Dilemma’ and Leave Behind a Lasting Legacy

The Capital Journal 23 Mar 2023
After you’ve gotten a better understanding of the value of your business and have determined how long you have until retirement, it’s time to begin to scout who might be interested, and capable, of taking over after you’ve left ... if their values and ideals don’t align with yours.

COLUMN: Your Voice, Your Values: Final round of priority bills

Palestine Herald-Press 21 Mar 2023
Just before the bill filing deadline for the 88th Legislative Session, Speaker of the House Dade Phelan announced the final round of priority bills. These bills lay the groundwork for conservatives and what we are all fighting for in this session ... We all know that the success of our schools is indicative of the success of our future ... ....

Why Tho? Body shaming grandma is older, but may be capable of hearing a correction, ...

The Oregonian 21 Mar 2023
First, let’s start with acknowledging how much it sucks that your grandma says things about your body that hurt your feelings ... I don’t want to let your grandma off the hook and I don’t want to minimize the harm of her words, but I also want to say this ... Now, she is your grandma but she is also a person you respect.

I was fatally attracted to men with good looks, super-confidence and status - but they ...

The Daily Mail 19 Mar 2023
Once the biological clock is silenced, you can take your time and make choices based on what makes you happy ... Here are a selection of tips taken from my programme that you can use to improve your own dating outcomes ... Pick someone whose ‘mate value’ (the measure of how appealing they are as a potential partner) is roughly equivalent to yours.

Ukrainian fashion brands on what you can do to help right now

Harpers Bazaar 18 Mar 2023
Our courageous team is already going through the relocation process of moving to Poland and we all appreciate your support along the way." ... Let it into your hearts ... Your repost is a chance for the brand to receive new clientele ... Don’t buy Russian brands – instead, support Ukrainian brands whose values and mission match yours.".

Randstad USA’s Alicia Thompson: Knowing your value gives clear understanding of yourself as a professional

Business Journal 16 Mar 2023
Thompson was slated to take part in a panel discussion on "What Do I Bring To the Table? Understanding Your Professional Value" as part of Atlanta Business Chronicle's 2023 Women Who Lead event series ... .

My Take on the News

Yated Ne'eman 15 Mar 2023
They have organized a court system for us to judge you, a prosecution to trump up charges against you, a system of legal advisers to tie your hands, and a police force under our control that will investigate you according to our agenda ... We are the qualitative majority, the moral majority, the majority in values and in wealth.

COLUMN: Your Voice, Your Values: Turning the tide at the border with HB 20

Palestine Herald-Press 14 Mar 2023
Your Texas legislators are standing in the gap where the Federal Government has failed once again. The announcement last week of House Bill 20 is but one more example. The crisis at the border is a national issue and I am proud to support HB 20 and the establishment of the Border Protection Unit ... Citing Article 1 of the U.S ... ....

Boost Your Retirement with This Unfamiliar Strategy

Cascade Business News 14 Mar 2023
Plus, his existing policy, like all term policies, had no cash value ... Let the policy lapse and receive any potential cash value that has accumulated ... Your home, automobile, boat, investment portfolio, real estate and business interests are all capital assets ... Yours may hold more value than you realize.

In a Changing Security Environment, Defend Your Values

Defense One 10 Mar 2023
America’s inclusive narrative, and its capacity to learn, remain a beacon for the world ... .

Rural demand hit but month–on-month, things getting better as feel-good factor emerges: Lalit Agarwal, V-Mart

The Times of India 09 Mar 2023
When I speak to some of your peers, the sense I am getting is that there is a slowdown and especially a rural slowdown and everybody is feeling the heat including value retailers like yours ... I understand that you intend to take about 20% of your sales online in the next 24 to 36 months.

Biden pitches $5.5T in tax hikes, fed worker pay raise in budget proposal

New York Post 09 Mar 2023
Chris Jacobs, a former GOP congressional aide who last year filed an IRS whistleblower complaint against Biden, said, “Joe Biden likes to say ‘Show me your budget and I will show you your values.’ By refusing to pay his fair share of Medicare’s costs, Joe ...

Bradley’s Buzz: Jim Boeheim’s final act is a fine whine

Atlanta Journal 08 Mar 2023
In its second road game under the new man, Syracuse ventured into a packed Freedom Hall – the crowd, yours truly included, gathered to see Darrell Griffith, the nation’s best freshman – and upset No ... This transpired in Greensboro, the city of no value ... Click on “Sports Daily.” You’ll need to enter your email address.

OPSEC is a Critical Requirement for Open-Source and Dark Net Collection says Treadstone 71

The Facts 08 Mar 2023
The tactics lead to relevant information collection without paying for general data scrapped by others and third-party analysts learning your business at excessive cost ... We prepare pertinent information prior to class start that demonstrates the immediate value of our procedures, which become yours.”.

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